A Green Movement: Ways to Help Save Planet Earth

reduce, reuse, recycle

The fact that mother Earth is not doing well is quite old news to us; however,even today,  this planet still needs a lot of our help. But before we get right into the ways of how we can lend a hand, let us first look into what is happening to our habitat.

What’s Happening to Earth?

Many things are happening to earth. In fact, many things are happening to the entire universe as well. There was a study conducted by an international team of scientists on how the universe is holding up. Unfortunately, their efforts to discover the current condition of the universe led to the conclusion that it’s not doing so well. They found sufficient data, through their DAQ systems, telescopes, etc., that the universe is slowly “dying”. However, fret not as the death of the universe will stil take trillions of years in human time. Thus, thousands of generations are still going to live life on Earth.

As for planet Earth, it, too, is struggling for life personally and if we don’t exert collective effort for its survival, our children and the next generations might not have what we enjoy today. Hence, there have been plenty of movements, all over the world, targeting one of the biggest culprit of Earth’s deterioration, global warming. Although global warming may have natural causes, studies today have found that the rapid warming of the planet is mostly caused by human activities; that being said, the natural causes are only accountable for a much smaller portion of the change.

All this tells us that we, as human beings, can do a lot to help Earth survive. Whether you’re from Miami, USA or from New Dehli, India or from anywhere else in the world, your help is necessary. Our actions does not have to be difficult nor expensive. As a matter of fact, there are easy ways on how we can help.

How Can We Help?

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The famous 3 Rs are still the best overview on how we can effectively help the planet. By reducing the amount of waste we produce, we are able to emit less gases that may contribute to global warming. Reusing and recycling materials helps us avoid filling in our trash cans with waste products. As much as possible, we should avoid materials that are difficult to reuse and recycle, materials such as plastic.

  • Ditch your car if you can.

Today, use of automobiles, whether your personal car, taxi cabs, uber, etc., makes everything convenient. Unfortunately, these vehicles also emit greenhouse gases that contributes to Earth’s deterioration. Hence, it may be best to combine all your errands at once and make less use of your car. If you’re only making a trip down to the store a few blocks away from your home, take a bike or walk.

  • Use less electricity.

One of the biggest sources of air pollution is the burning of coal natural gas for electricity. Thus, you need to reduce your use if you want to help mother Earth. If there is no need for lights, airconditioners, or charging then you should definitely leave your sockets empty. By simply turning of all the lights in the house during daytime when it’s not really needed, you’re already helping the world. You may also invest in more eco-friendly sources of electricity such as solar panels.

save planet Earth

  • Conserve water.

Contrary to the idea that we won’t run out of water, we actually just might if we don’t use water wisely. We can conserve water by using it smartly (e.g. using a glass of water for brushing the teeth, not keeping the tap running while washing dishes, etc.). Reduced use of water will also reduce amount of waste.

  • Cut-down use of chemicals.

Obviously, chemicals are not good, and can even be deadly, to us and to the atmosphere. As much as possible, avoid using products that use great amounts of harmful chemicals. Switching to more natural alternatives would be great.

  • Plant trees and flowers.

Not only will you beautify the place, you’ll also be helping the planet earth by planting what absorbs carbon and gives off oxygen for us.

  • Be a volunteer.

If you happen to know any movement nearby that is going towards ensuring Earth’s survival, make yourself involved. As mentioned, a collective action will be very much effective in saving our planet.

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