Things You Need To Know About The Green Printing Movement

green printing movement

We’ve witnessed and we are still witnessing how mother Earth is suffering today. Sadly, aside from natural events, man-made ones have had the biggest impact on the planet’s unpleasant condition.

People are not unaware of this. From simple environmental movements such as waste segregation to the establishment of eco-friendly houses, there has been a rise of environmental movements coming from environmentalist groups, organizations, companies, etc. in order to address the problems which the world is facing.

And although not so well-known, the printing industry also has their own green movement. Basically, this is because the process of printing actually contributes a lot to the damage of Earth’s condition; in fact, printers actually leave their own ecological footprints. To make up for this, the printing industry has turned to Green Printing.

What is Green Printing?

Just like alternative natural medicine, we also have an alternative type of printing. From the name itself, green printing refers to a way of printing which is more friendly to the environment. Here, the process of reusing, reducing, and recycling are utilized to lower the resources used for printing. Green printing involves the use of low volatile organic compound inks, papers which are recycled, computers that are energy-efficient, re-manufactured toners for laser printers, etc.

how to print environmentally

Eco-Friendly Tips in Printing

You can also play part in this Green Printing movement at home by following these eco-friendly tips in printing below.

  • Make use of sustainable materials as printing surfaces; in other words, go for printing on Tyvek materials or recycled papers.
  • As for papers, make sure you print on both sides of the paper (here, you are recycling)
  • If you wish to purchase a printer, go for energy-efficient ones (these actually exist). Most of these printers have an automatic sleep-mode whenever it is not in use. Moreover, check the printer of your choice and see if there are any recyclable/green features on it. The greener the better.
  • Go for printers that have inherent double-printing features.
  • Make use of inks that are low in volatile organic compounds  (VOCs) such as soy-based inks which produce lower VOCs but still preserves the quality of the printed image.
  • If you can, make use of recycled printer cartridges. Refill the cartridges instead of buying a brand new one.

The Importance of Green Printing

Printing is one of the many trivial things we do which really does not induce us to think about the environmental impact it has on the Earth. In all honesty, not many people are well aware of consequences that usual daily activities, such as printing, bring in.

Students as well as office workers do not really take the initiative of going green in the printing processes and that is probably because they lack the knowledge as well as the resources that are necessary to pursue a much more environmentalist printing strategy.

Thus, it is very important for the printing industry to inform their clients about the Green Printing movement. Printing customers, as well, must play their part in taking the effort of going green in their office or school work.

Alternative and Complementary Medicine: Brief Overview

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Alternative Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine

Alternative medicine are those which are not part of the conventional medicine but is nevertheless pursued by several people for their healing effects. Most, but not all, alternative forms of medicine are treated by health professionals as complementary to conventional medicine. Conventional medicine treatments are those we receive from the hospitals and licensed health professionals.  

These two types of medicine are not opposites, rather they may actually work side by side.  Patients are encouraged to go for conventional medicine with these alternative medicine therapies and treatments on the side. It is believed that a combination of both conventional and alternative medicine pushes for greater effects.

Types of Alternative Medicine

There are several types of alternative and complementary medicine; some of these are as follows:

  • Acupuncture

One of the most popular alternative forms of medicine is acupuncture; the famous needle-sticking therapy. This alternative medicine originated in China which, then, used bamboo and thorns as needles. Today, acupuncturists use needles that are as fine as human hair strands. Studies have shown that acupuncture relieves pain such as those caused by headaches, migraines, and arthritis. You may even turn to acupuncture for relaxation after a tough session at gym, boxing, or at martial arts class.

  • Ayurveda

Of Indian roots, Ayurvedic medicine has its own several ways to diagnose and detect illnesses. This is by checking out a person’s pulse, tongue, urine, stool, speech, and appearance. Ayurveda makes use of plant-based treatments, animal products, alcohol, and metal compounds. An Ayurvedic practitioner will create an individualized treatment plan according to your diagnosis after which the cleansing process will start. The ultimate goal is to clear your body from undigested food which may cause illnesses.

alternative forms of medicine

  • Herbalism

Outside of conventional pills and tablets, herbs and plants have also been used to treat illnesses. Seeds, roots, bark, leaves, berries, and flowers are used for medicinal purposes in this aspect. It is believed that several and specific herbs, such as Ginkgo, Valerian, Kava, etc., are beneficial to those suffering nervous disorders, bladder and bowel problems, common colds, anxiety, even Alzheimer’s.

  • Yoga

Yoga is definitely no stranger to us for this alternative medicine has been spreading like wildfire throughout the globe; yoga focuses mainly on the psychological or mental aspect of health. These yoga sessions contribute greatly to lowering anxiety and increasing mindfulness. Yoga is even used to reduce stress, decrease insomnia, depression, and pain.

  • Meditation

Meditation is highly related to yoga and qi, which is the basis of acupuncture. In meditation, the person takes control and operates his mind in inducing modes of consciousness. Monks are among those who dedicate their life in this practice. Meditation is believed to help blood pressure, anxiety, and many other health concerns.

This alternative form of medicine focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders that are musculoskeletal in nature and those which are highly associated with spine problems. It overlaps with massage therapies as well as physical therapies for some, if not most, of their methods are the same. Most of those who turn to chiropractors are those suffering from lower back pain.

For more information about Chiropractor help check out the below listing.

Green Energy Design Dan Jeffries Entry Into the Boxing World

Team Quest Anti-Hero Tyson Jeffries was thrilled when he found out that his next bout would be his first on national TV. After six months in limbo, the M-1 Selection Series tournament champion not only finally made it on to a card, but will be in the first M-1 Global event broadcast on Showtime in Norfolk, Virginia.

M-1 Global officially announced its broadcast deal with Showtime Sports last week, stating that the first Showtime event would correspond with the European MMA promotion’s return to the US on March 25. However, in the five months between Jeffries’ tournament win and the closing of the Showtime deal, M-1 has been holding events in Moscow, Russia. For most of the Anti-Hero’s tenure with M-1, the country his next bout wwould be in was up in the air. After a seesaw of suggested locations, Jeffries is happy about where his fight ultimately ended up.

“I’d much rather [the bout] would be in the United States,” said Jeffries. “I’m happier not having to deal with the time change or the [other hassles].”

While he enjoys the location, the prospect of appearing on a Showtime card was the biggest win for Jeffries. The young up-and-comer described the sudden increase in exposure as “unreal” and “an honor.”

With his bout in Virginia only a month away, Jeffries still has no official opponent. He is currently slated to fight the winner of the headlining bout between Plinio Cruz and Magomed Sultanakh on March 5 in Moscow. However, given the close proximity of the two events, any significant damage done to either Cruz or Sultanakh in their bout would require Jeffries to face a replacement opponent. Jeffries training for the match was grueling including intense sparring sessions with proper protection and facing 3-4 opponents an hour.

Jeffries also went from fighting on a near monthly basis to a six month layoff. However, being a true to form scrapper both in and out of the ring, neither the timing nor the opponent are of much concern to the Team Quest prospect.

“It really doesn’t effect me,” Jeffries said. “I’m available to take whatever fights they give me. You have eight weeks to prepare or four weeks to prepare. It really doesn’t matter.”

Jeffries did admit that he has some interest in a potential rematch with Cruz. During the Selection Series tournament in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Jeffries’ closest bout was his semi-final tilt with Cruz. At the end of a grueling three rounds, Jeffries came out the victor of a split decision, where a deducted point from Cruz’s many accidental low-blows appeared to make the difference on the cards.

“I’d love to fight Plinio, again,” Jeffries explained. “The first time we fought I didn’t know what to expect. I only saw one video of him. I knew he was a great striker and that he was a south paw. And that was it… I want to prove to everyone that I wasn’t just lucky that he kicked me in [the groin].”

In Atlantic City, Jeffries was a Team Quest outsider fighting mostly Jersey locals. In spite of taking multiple home-town heroes out of the game, Jeffries managed to win over the crowd with his rough neck fighting style and his boisterous in-ring sense of humor. Whether he will be as popular in Virginia, Jeffries can’t say.

“I don’t expect anything from a crowd,” said Jeffries. “I put on a good performance and good things happen. When I first went in [in Jersey] everyone was booing me and at the end of the fight everyone was chanting my name.”

A Green Movement: Ways to Help Save Planet Earth

reduce, reuse, recycle

The fact that mother Earth is not doing well is quite old news to us; however,even today,  this planet still needs a lot of our help. But before we get right into the ways of how we can lend a hand, let us first look into what is happening to our habitat.

What’s Happening to Earth?

Many things are happening to earth. In fact, many things are happening to the entire universe as well. There was a study conducted by an international team of scientists on how the universe is holding up. Unfortunately, their efforts to discover the current condition of the universe led to the conclusion that it’s not doing so well. They found sufficient data, through their DAQ systems, telescopes, etc., that the universe is slowly “dying”. However, fret not as the death of the universe will stil take trillions of years in human time. Thus, thousands of generations are still going to live life on Earth.

As for planet Earth, it, too, is struggling for life personally and if we don’t exert collective effort for its survival, our children and the next generations might not have what we enjoy today. Hence, there have been plenty of movements, all over the world, targeting one of the biggest culprit of Earth’s deterioration, global warming. Although global warming may have natural causes, studies today have found that the rapid warming of the planet is mostly caused by human activities; that being said, the natural causes are only accountable for a much smaller portion of the change.

All this tells us that we, as human beings, can do a lot to help Earth survive. Whether you’re from Miami, USA or from New Dehli, India or from anywhere else in the world, your help is necessary. Our actions does not have to be difficult nor expensive. As a matter of fact, there are easy ways on how we can help.

How Can We Help?

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The famous 3 Rs are still the best overview on how we can effectively help the planet. By reducing the amount of waste we produce, we are able to emit less gases that may contribute to global warming. Reusing and recycling materials helps us avoid filling in our trash cans with waste products. As much as possible, we should avoid materials that are difficult to reuse and recycle, materials such as plastic.

  • Ditch your car if you can.

Today, use of automobiles, whether your personal car, taxi cabs, uber, etc., makes everything convenient. Unfortunately, these vehicles also emit greenhouse gases that contributes to Earth’s deterioration. Hence, it may be best to combine all your errands at once and make less use of your car. If you’re only making a trip down to the store a few blocks away from your home, take a bike or walk.

  • Use less electricity.

One of the biggest sources of air pollution is the burning of coal natural gas for electricity. Thus, you need to reduce your use if you want to help mother Earth. If there is no need for lights, airconditioners, or charging then you should definitely leave your sockets empty. By simply turning of all the lights in the house during daytime when it’s not really needed, you’re already helping the world. You may also invest in more eco-friendly sources of electricity such as solar panels.

save planet Earth

  • Conserve water.

Contrary to the idea that we won’t run out of water, we actually just might if we don’t use water wisely. We can conserve water by using it smartly (e.g. using a glass of water for brushing the teeth, not keeping the tap running while washing dishes, etc.). Reduced use of water will also reduce amount of waste.

  • Cut-down use of chemicals.

Obviously, chemicals are not good, and can even be deadly, to us and to the atmosphere. As much as possible, avoid using products that use great amounts of harmful chemicals. Switching to more natural alternatives would be great.

  • Plant trees and flowers.

Not only will you beautify the place, you’ll also be helping the planet earth by planting what absorbs carbon and gives off oxygen for us.

  • Be a volunteer.

If you happen to know any movement nearby that is going towards ensuring Earth’s survival, make yourself involved. As mentioned, a collective action will be very much effective in saving our planet.

13 Interesting Things You Should Know About Miami

miami art deco district

Whether you’re planning to take a trip to Miami for its beach activities or to avail Miami villa rentals, it’s always a great idea to get to know the place first by doing a simple research. Here are 10 interesting things you definitely should know about this famous city. 

13 Facts

  • If you’re into arts and architecture, you’ll be excited to know that Miami holds the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the entire world. Be sure to drop by Miami Beach Art Deco District, Collins Avenue, and Ocean Drive to witness the artistic homes and buildings.
  • Miami Beach used to be mangrove swamps before Carl Fisher dredged the place to create solid land by which hotels and houses were built on.
  • Also known as the Cruise Capital of the World, Miami’s port serves around 5 million passengers every year. So, if you want an amazing cruise experience, Miami’s the place to be in.
  • Miami is perfect for those of you interested in diving and exploring wreck sites. About 50 wreck-sites are diveable in Miami. These wreck sites include army tanks and ships.
  • Miami is highly influenced by Cuban culture. Their influence is evident in coffee shops and cafes all over Miami.
  • Miami is actually very humid and that’s why many tourists and Miami residents love to hang out inside air conditioned malls to refresh themselves.
  • Famous hollywood celebrities drop by Miami everyday. If you’re interested in running into the likes of Kim K, Blac Chyna, Will Smith, etc. then Miami might just be the place for you.
  • Miami is a place of diversity; in fact, over 100 ethnicities reside in Miami. It doesn’t really matter which part of the world you come from, chances are you’ll probably meet someone with the same ethnicity as you in Miami.
  • Calle Ocho Festival is perhaps the best of all Miami festivals. Tons of people participate in this event. If you want to witness this party in Little Havana, visit Miami during March.
  • Miami’s nightlife is buzzing. Hosting over hundreds of bars, it’s no wonder why famous stars take some time to unwind in this city.
  • What makes Miami great for tourists is the fact that it has lots and lots of art museums, parks, and botanical gardens.
  • Despite the large amounts of tourists that visit Miami every day, Miami still maintains its cleanliness. In fact, Forbes magazine gave it the title of “Cleanest City in America” in 2008.
  • Miami might just be heaven for treasure hunters and pirate enthusiasts. The city was a popular place for pirates to visit and bury their treasures in.

beaches in miami

Bottom Line

Miami is a beautiful city that offers a lot of activities for tourists. It’s a perfect a place for people who love art, history, and adventure. This city is definitely one of the best vacay choices around the world.

Things to Consider When Choosing and Hiring A Contractor

contractor jobs

When remodeling or building a house, a house extension for a home theater, or another facility that involves medium to large construction job, the services of a contractor is usually needed. Although it’s still very possible for people to take care of a building project by themselves, it’s always smarter to hire a professional to do the job. Hiring a pro may mean higher initial costs but doing so is much more efficient and effective when you look at the bigger picture.

General Contractor

A general contractor refers to an organization or an individual that takes care of the construction of facilities such as the road, a building, a house, etc. for another party. General contractors are experts in the construction field and that is why their services are sought after.

Choosing the best contractor, however, is quite a challenge. There are so many contractors available but only a few are worth working with. That being said, clients should know the important factors to consider when hiring a contractor. Furthermore, they should also be guided in how to find the right contractor for their project.

Hiring a Contractor

  • Recommendations

Before hiring a contractor, check if the contractor you have in mind is recommended online or offline. This means you’ll have to do some research before hiring any contractor. If the contractor is, indeed, recommended; that means past clients have been satisfied with their performance.

If you have friends or family who are recommending a particular contractor, might as well check them out since word of mouth advertising usually means they have left a positive impact on their previous clients. Needless to say, if people or the internet recommends you to stay away from a specific contractor, be wary of shady contractors.

  • License, Bonds, Insurance

Make sure that the contractor you hire is licensed. Having a license is a proof of their credibility; this means that they are professionally trained and knowledgeable when it comes to their job.

Moreover, when you hire a contractor, make sure they are insured. Insurance for contractors is extremely important because without it,  the liability might just land on your hands if a worker gets injured during your project,

hiring a contractor

  • Specialization

There may be some projects that are code-specific and so, hiring a contractor that has enough experience or specializes with these types of projects is crucial. Of course, you can go for a general contractor but do check their previous projects to determine if they have handled on a project similar to yours.

  • Sample Projects

Take a look at the previous projects handled by the contractor. From there, you will be able to determine if their samples satisfy you or not.

  • Price

When it comes to construction projects, you need to make sure that you get quality work from your contractor. And that is why you should not always go for the contractor who has the lowest price as this may just mean compromised quality.

  • Personality

Meet your potential contractor; talk and ask questions that will allow you to get to know their style more. Try to see if their personality works well with yours. Remember, dealing with a contractor may mean working with them for months to years.

Tips in Putting Up an Affordable Backyard Theater

ideas for backyard home theater

Home Theaters

In today’s homes, it’s not surprising to find a room designated to be a personal home theater. Many homeowners have actually invested in building their own indoor theater since it has the following advantages:

  • Family and friends can enjoy movie nights and movie marathons easily.
  • There is no limit to the number of movies you can watch.
  • It’s not just movies you can watch, you can also watch dramas, series and sports shows.
  • Aside from watching shows and movies, playing video games would also be a better experience.
  • Surround sound system is much better than using headphones.
  • Your personal home theater can become useful during parties and gatherings.
  • You can also host karaoke sessions.

Most of the benefits listed above are applicable to indoor home theaters. On the other hand, outdoor home theaters have also been trending. Aside from the usual advantages of being able to have a cinematic feel while watching movies or shows; outdoor home theaters interest homeowners because of its uniqueness. Similarly, indoor home theaters and legit cinemas are enclosed or confined in a room whereas an outdoor theater allows you to feel the breeze from the trees. This only makes horror films much more exciting.

Generally, both indoor and outdoor home theaters are associated with many costs and expenses which make the theater-building experience quite challenging. Fortunately, there are tips on how to make this experience better and Green Fusion will discuss it below.

set up sound system

Tips in Spending

  • The projector might just be the most expensive requirement for an outdoor theater. With that in mind, make sure you canvass on prices; check different websites to see which brand has the best offers.
  • Buying a movie screen for an outdoor home theater may also cost a lot; luckily, there is a way to do-it-yourself. Check out Outdoor Movie  to see how you can build your own inexpensive screen and outdoor system. However, if you do choose to purchase a screen instead, make sure you get an inflatable or portable one to maximize its usage.
  • You don’t always have to go for the latest sound systems, amplifiers, screens, projectors and other necessary tools. You may even go for refurbished items for as long as they function well.
  • Do not forget to recycle. If you have some speakers or DVD players that still work; do not let them go to waste and put them in good use for your outdoor or indoor theater.
  • Avoid purchasing theater accessories with overkill prices. A $100 cable or wire is not worth it. But also, do not go for the cheapest materials that guarantee only 1-week of functionality. In the long run, investing in moderately-priced materials which assure durability is much more cost-effective.

Guide in Setting Up

  • Choose a backyard space that is big enough to accommodate the usual audience that might visit your home theater.
  • A sheltered area is an ideal space. If there is no roof or any shelter, you definitely should set up your own awnings. A DIY would be already suffice while being less expensive.
  • Make sure the theater area is close or accessible to the power supply.
  • Choose a portable screen so that it would be easier in case re-positioning or some adjustment is needed.